Blackberry - Rubus 'Little Black Prince' - Dwarf Patio Blackberry

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This compact Black Berry 'Little Black Prince' also known as a 'lowberry' is a breakthrough in the breeding of blackberries that makes it perfect for smaller gardens, and even patios.

The stems are thornless, which is a big plus when picking the plentiful berries, and unlike wild varieties it does not sprawl everywhere, reaching just 80-100cms (3-4ft) tall and wide with upright shoots that cover themselves in delicious berries.

The fruits themselves are larger than the average blackberry, and very tasty, starting early, often in July and coming perpetually until the first autumn frosts. Because the plants are extremely compact and do not grow higher than 80-100cm, this makes them as a potted plant on a balcony or terrace if you don't have a larger veg plot or garden to plant them in.

Super strong, quality plants, supplied in approx 2 litre containers.