Blooming Indoor Rose Pink Hydrangea

Product ref: H25902

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For something magnificent that is unusual and delivers a touch of the unexpected, this amazing blooming Hydrangea surely has to be it!!

We will deliver a nice bushy plant with plenty of lovely looking flowers of this gorgeous pink Hydrangea variety. Hydrangeas really are back in fashion and a plant that's back on trend - they never really went anywhere, but with the release of more new varieties, you're bang up to the minute with this beautiful Rose-Pink variety. Not just for indoors, once the flowers have faded inside the plant can be placed in the garden to grow and bloom again year in year out.

The main attraction of this Hydrangea is of course the flowers, each one a lovely shade of pink to deep rose. With the plant presented in a pretty gift wrap, it really does make the perfect gift.

For best results, we recommend the plants are kept well watered and away from draughts whilst indoors. Colour supplied may vary slightly according to availability.