Blueberry Flamingo - New Pink Variegated Evergreen Vaccinium corybosum Flamingo

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Be one of the first people to grow this unique blueberry with amazing pink leaves.

A fantastic new form of Blueberry, that not only fruits well but looks great. 'Flamingo' not only produces heavy crops but it is ornamental too, in fact you could grow it for the special foliage effect and view the tasty fruit as a bonus.

Flamingo is a new easy to grow hybrid of the well known Bluecrop variety that will yield heavy crops of succulent sweet fruit. The attractive pink variegated green foliage makes for a truly unique plant.

The initial growth may not show the pink variegations, but this then developes and all the new foliage will then show the eye catching pink effect. The fruits are produced in June and July. Supplied in approx 9cm pots.