Dahlia Akita

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The beautifully textured flowers of this new introduction are real showstoppers. The dark red flowers blushing into yellow towards the center will make a spectacular show in your summer garden. Each petal also has a slight white tip creating an outstanding display. Large flowered Decorative type dahlia growing upto 28''/70cms tall. Suitable for containers and be sure to plant lots as they make excellent cut flowers. Will bloom from mid-summer, right through until autumn.


This plant is supplied as a single tuber. Best time to plant is in April-May. To plant them, dig a hole at least 20-30cm square and around 20-30cm deep for each one. Cover the base of the hole with 10cms of compost, or manure and give it a good dousing with a full watering can and then plant the dahlia at a depth of 15cms. You may need a stout stake, not just a bamboo cane, to support each plant and it is a good idea to knock this in first and then place the plant by its side. Plant in a sunny spot and keep moist yet well-drained. 


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually £5.99, today just £1.99 - Save £4!

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