Dahlia Mystery Day - Special Premium Variety - Pack of THREE

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Dahlia Mystery Day is a stunning, decorative type Dahlia that produces big 7-8'' flowers in a striking combination of dark purple with white tips. Each specially selected tuber we supplied usually produces at least 15-20 colossal blooms on tall, sturdy stems. Reaching a height of around 110cms (3-4ft), this Dahlia is perfect for the middle of a border where it will provide a long season of colour from mid-summer though until autumn. It also makes a sublime cut flowers that will bring a touch of the exotic indoors. You'll think of many different planting positions and combinations in which to try this striking and dramatic Dahlia.

Pack of Three chunky tubers ready to plant and flower beautifully this summer, these are what we pot up on the nursery to make large flowering plants in the summer, that sell in the garden centres for around £10+ each! why not get these and enjoy growing them in your garden from the word go at a fraction of the price?