Brunnera Macrocephala 'Mrs. Morse'

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This is a wonderful perennial plant type called Brunnera Macrocephala "Mrs. Morse," with bright foliage and pretty ornamental white flowers. It is characterized by the heart-shaped, silver-veined fragrant leaves, usually deeply incised. This form is characterized by pretty sprays of tiny, star-shaped white flowers in the spring. Mrs. "Morse" adds a whole new twist to the classic blue blooms shared by the plant's Brunnera counterparts; they look bright and airy, as in the sunniest of garden spots. It is ideally suited to growing in partial to full shade in a situation, possibly woodland gardens, shaded borders, or as underplanting to taller, shade-loving species. It prefers organically rich, moist, well-drained soils that mirror its provenance from woodlands. Supplied in approx. 1L container.