Brussel Sprouts 'Bright' - Pack of TWELVE Plants

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Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we think this twelve-pack of ‘Bright’ Brussel Sprout Plants is just the thing for your veggie garden. With a delicious sweet and tender flavour they’ll convert everyone in your household into a sprout lover. A real superfood superstar, they’re packed with nutrients that you and your family need to stay fit and healthy. Plus, they also have good resistance against disease, making them easier to maintain. You can enjoy harvests from October, leaving you plenty of time to practise your brussel sprout recipes ahead of Christmas dinner, where they really take centre stage. Please note that this plant is presented as a mini twelve-pack. Sown in our nursery using the finest quality seeds, when this order arrives at your door you will have twelve individual young plants that will be ready to plant out in your vegetable garden.