Buddleja White Chip - White Patio Buddleia - LO & BEHOLD White Chip

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An amazing, truly dwarf, white patio buddleia.

Buddleja White Chip is the latest in the Lo & Behold series of the ever popular buddleia butterfly bushes, that are truly dwarf, perpetually flowering and genuinely patio sized plants.

The result of painstaking breeding in the U. S. the plants are startlingly dwarf, not really like a traditional buddleja at all, generally growing wider than high, and reaching around 60cms (2ft) tall maximum. Not only that, but White Chip will still have all the attraction to Butterflies. If you like low maintenance, easy to care for plants, this is one plant you can not do without in your garden. The sweet honey fragrance is also devine, and will fill the summer air in your garden with a delightful scent.

Supplied in approx 3-4 litre containers as established flowering sized plants.