Callicarpa bodinieri Profusion - Patio Standard Tree

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Nothing can rival the vivid colouration of the beauty berries fruits in Autumn, an eye catching bright shade of purple, and here for the first time we present this lovely plant in the unusual form of a lollipop standard with a height of around 80cms tall, they would perhaps suit a patio planter or could be used dotted around beds and borders to make a real statement.

In mid-summer the Callicarpa shrub is covered in masses of tiny star shaped lilac-pink flowers, these are much loved by bees and other beneficial insects, and once pollination occurs, the berries begin to form. The bright violet coloured berries have an almost metallic sheen to them in bright autumn sunshine. Produced in large clusters as the plant sheds it's foliage for winter, it retains the berries that clothe the bare stems which then become really visible in the garden.

For the best show of berries, we always recommend planting at least two plants together to ensure good pollination of the flowers and a heavy crop of berry. Callicarpa Profusion is fully hardy and easy to grow, performing best in a well drained bright position. Bushy and deciduous, it is suitable for borders where it can reach two to three metres (6-10ft) over time if left unpruned, it can however be trimmed after losing its berries to maintain a smaller sized plant or to neaten it up.

Here we present it in an unusual Lollipop standard form, with a clear stem and head of branches clothed in beautiful berries in season, these will persist even when the leaves fall. Supplied in approx 4-5 litre containers, as pictured in season, we have limited stock of this most unusual little tree, so do be quick to secure yours.

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