Campsis radicans 'Judy' - Trumpet Vine - Large 6ft Specimen

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This exotic looking climber not only beautiful, but its also hardy. It will bring a sunny tropical feel to your garden when it is flowering.

In terms of foliage, it has compound light green leaves can be trained on wires or a trellis to soften hard surfaces. In summer large sprays of bright yellow flowers appear all over the plants frame; they are trumpet shaped and last until the early autumn

Campsis loves sunshine and is a happiest in a south or west facing aspect. It grows in all types of soils as long as they do not become waterlogged.

In late winter cut out spindly stems and remove any dead material. New stems can be tied and trained to grow along your support of choice. Campis is great at softening walls or even scrambling through other plants.

Supplied in approx. 5.5 litre containers.

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