Carex Evercolor Evercream

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Carex Evercream is a superb ground cover and container plant with distinctive strappy foliage.

A great cold hardy accent plant for all year round interest, easy to grow, low maintenance and forms a neat easily controlled mound. The perfect plant to provide all year round interest be it the cooler months, or equally as contemporary value for the summer period.

Ideal for adding a spot of interest to patio planters, baskets and window boxes they can of course simply be planted out in the garden where they will grow to nicely sized plants for garden borders or gravel gardens. Try mixing with contrastingly coloured foliage plants such as Heuchera for extra interest is just one idea on how to utilise grasses.

Evergreen Carex are also excellent for mixing in with herbaceous perennials, foliage plants, and other flowers. providing year round colour and contrast, they look lovely with virtually all other plants. Plant en-mass for a drift of dramtic groundcover. Slightly spreading in nature, it will also look lovely cascading at the edge of a water feature or patio planter. For sun or part shade, it is ideal in moist, well-drained soils. 

Supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers.

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