Carex morrowii 'Ice Dance'

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Ice Dance is an attractive form of ornamental grass with arching variegated foliage that really catches your attention where ever it is planted, be it in large drafts for ground covers, on its own, or perhaps used with the foliage spilling over the side of a classy looking planter.

Great garden value being evergreen, thus providing interest all year round, in late spring, it is decorated with small, white flower spikes.

Very hardy and easy to grown, this perennial grass will produce a dense clump of foliage, well suited to the front of borders or patio containers. Carex morrowii 'Ice Dance' will thrive in any rich, fertile soil and will happily grow in a lightly shaded spot or full sun.

This elegant form of evergreen sedge with wide green leaves edged with a crisp, silvery margins will be a lovely addition to your garden, perhaps try it cascading at the edge of a water feature. Strong established plants supplied in approx. 10.5cm/1 litre containers.