Senna didymobotrya - Patio Cassia Tree
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Senna didymobotrya - Patio Cassia Tree

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Senna or Cassia as it is also known is originally from South America, and is highly attractive to bees and butterflies. It has spikes of beautiful yellow flowers that bloom abundantly from late spring until late autumn, this flower power lends it perfectly to use in a well drained border or positioned in the centre of a large patio planter and grown on as a special specimen plant to enjoy year after year. It can withstand temperatures a few degrees below 0°C, but dislikes winter wet, so it is best to offer winter protection to bring the plant through the worst of the weather each year, in order to enjoy a bigger and better display each year.

Ideally the Cassia tree thrives in full sun in a spot that is sheltered from the wind. It is extremely tolerant of heat and drought but looks best in rich, moist soil, so water the plant regularly to keep the soil from drying out completely. Supplied in approx 3-5 litre containers, typical plant as supplied in summer is pictured.