Catalpa Bignonioides Nana - Indian Bean Tree

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Catalpa are wonderful trees, and 'nana' is a fantastic compact form, making it well suited to those with less space.

Forming a mop like canopy above its truck, the Catalpa Bignonioides nana, also known as the Indian Bean Tree, perfect for smaller gardens where full-sized Catalpas could overwhelm, yes if you do have a larger space, it certainly won't be out of place either.

The attractive large, heart-shaped leaves are an attractive mid-green until the autumn, when they turn buttery yellow. Catalpa Bignonioides Nana forms a mophead, rounded crown, it will reach a full height of around 4 metres and spread of 3 metres in a period of about 25 years, yet can easily be maintained much smaller and more compact if required by pollarding and cutting back branches every few years. With a straight trunk and canopy of branches it takes up little space by foot print, so can be fitted into gardens with limited space. We recommend it is pruned back hard in early spring to maintain a rounded crown shape, or simply leave it to grow naturally and in to a more open habit in a less formal setting. Great for planting at the end of the garden if you are wanting a manageable and moderate sized tree over time that can afford some shade.

Thriving in moist, well-drained soil in full sun, it also does really well in urban areas thanks to its tolerance of pollution, making it an ideal choice for small city gardens.

It is an excellent tree for planting in a mixed border, where spring-flowering plants and bulbs will get plenty of sun before the leaves emerge, and then providing some welcome shade in the hot summer months where people can avoid the heat of the day or species like Hosta can thrive. In a formal garden setting, regularly clipped and rounded Catalpa Bignonioides Nana will be an impressive addition, whether singly or in a group.

Supplied with a straight trunk and head of foliage in approx. 4-5 litre containers. Strong young trees.

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