Cercis canadensis Ruby Falls - Weeping Redbud Judus Tree - 175-200cm

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Cercis 'Ruby Falls' is essentially a weeping form of the popular Forest Pansy variety of Cercis, forming a dramatic small tree grown for its beautiful foliage and much as the profuse blooming - gorgeous pink flowers appear before any leaves at the end of Winter. Then, the glorious heart-shaped leaves emerge a glossy, vibrant ruby red and darken to a rich purple-plum shade for the summer. In autumn they turn striking shades of orange, red, yellow and purple. The autumn sun makes some leaves appear to be translucent and others reflect the light. Try and plant in a position where the sun can back light the foliage to achieve the full effect.

This Cercis will form a lovely, weeping mushroom shaped small tree over time with the branches smothered in tiny, deep pink flowers ahead of the foliage each spring. It is very easy to grow and maintain.

Supplied in approx 7.5 litre containers, please note that the branches will initially form a framework of upright branches prior to forming the weeping shaped over time.

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