WINTER SALE - Gorgeous LARGE Variegated Holly Tree Standard - Ilex argentea marginata

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Gorgeous "Argentea Marginata" Variegated Holly Tree Standard

Creating a spectacular display when in full berry, these plants look absolutely stunning when the stems are clothed with the bright red jewels that are shown off beautifully against the strikingly coloured foliage.

These beautiful standard Holly trees have lovely dark green foliage edged with a bright wide creamy coloured margin, making a stunning addition to any patio. Perhaps use flanking a front door to make an inviting entrance to your home, or use standing guard and paraded either side of pathways. They can of course also be planted around the garden.

Supplied with a clear stem, topped off with an attractive lollipop head, often displaying seasonal berries.

The overall height of these gorgeous holly plants s around 1-1.2 metres. Grown in 7-10 litre containers. These are chunky attractive plants with a large lollipop head of foliage, approx 50-60cms across, full and bushy.

This distinguished evergreen really is a sight to behold, a glowing winter beacon when other plants are in their annual slumber.

These trees make a great decoration in the festive season, in a porchway for example as one enters the home.

All year round they provide a high-class property enhancing look, and can be used in place of where the popular bay tree is often paraded. Highly recommended.

WINTER SALE - Usually 59.99, today just 39.99 - Save £20!



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