Pack of THREE Lovely Holly Plants - ALL DIFFERENT

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One of our most favourite evergreen plants - especially around Christmas Time, they make for a perfect unexpected extra gift with plenty of seasonal charm, plus they are easy to grow even for those with less green fingers.

Universally well known and loved hardy evergreens

Make great and unusual festive gifts that will grow and give pleasure for years

Featured in carols like 'Deck the Halls with boughs of Holly' and 'The Holly and the Ivy'

Holly Plants, or Ilex to give the scientific name are tough, hardy and easy to grow. They are well associated with the traditions of Christmas when cut foliage is bought indoors.

We have put together this Special Collection of Plants for the festive period either for your own garden or to give to others. They can also be used as a hedging plant too, and grown for the foliage and berries to be cut in future years for creating garlands, wreaths and other decorations.

Plant them in the garden straight away or use in the home over Christmas by wrapping the pots in trendy paper and give a nod to tradition.

You'll receive THREE top quality plants, selected from our wide range of high quality Holly varieties such as:

'Golden King' a type with a wide golden yellow margin to the leaves that carries large clusters of bright red berries berries making for a particularly attractive combination.

'Blue Angel' with very attractive dark blue-green foliage, even small plants of this one will get smothered in bright red berries.

'Argentea Marginata' with the classic holly shaped foliage edged in creamy white, often new growth has a slight pink tint before it matures. It will carry a lovely display of bright red berries too.

Supplied as pictured, super quality bushy plants in approx 2 litre containers, some of our plants may even have berries on in season.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 29.99, today just 19.99 - Save £10!