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Poinsettia & Princettia Plants

Poinsettias are the essential Christmas Plant - you see them everywhere, and they have become as much a part of the traditional Christmas the turkey and the tree! Our selection of great value plants will look fantastic all through the holiday period.

Poinsettia plants originate from Mexico, and are quite possibly the most popular Christmas Plants in the UK, except of course for the Christmas Tree, with huge volumes sold every year over the Christmas season, this is one festive plant you really shouldn’t do without. Euphorbia pulcherrima to give Poinsettia their correct name flower from November throughout December and in to January, they are an essential part of the traditional Christmas scene, with many modern varieties such as the Princettia bringing them bang up to date and ever on trend in recent years with a range of different colours available.

The traditional red poinsettias remain the most popular however and really are the ultimate living Christmas decoration, they really are as classic as the Christmas tree. Poinsettias are also easy to care for, and with a little effort can even be kept growing year after year.

To ensure the best Poinsettia stock for our customers for 2023 we're proud to be supporting British growers and supplying UK produced plants. We've carefully chosen our Poinsettia plants to be sustainably produced using a source of bio-mass to heat their greenhouses, plus transport miles are dramatically reduced compared to imported plants. All of this means, our plants are grown a little more slowly than European stock, so are already more acclimatised to life in the UK. Follow our care instructions and your plant will last long in to next year too. Simply keep the compost just moist and place in a brightly lit room or window to ensure the brightest bract colour. We recommend keeping away from radiators and sources of direct heat, or any chilly draughts.

Also known as Christmas Stars, Poinsettia are forever on trend in one way or another and are the absolutely ubiquitous Christmas plant, the brightly coloured bracts of poinsettia are often mistaken as the flowers, but they are actually leaves, the actual flowers are insignificant tiny yellow clusters that appear at the centre of each leaf bract. Choose one of our best selling Poinsettia or Princettia plants to fit your own Christmas style today.

Poinsettias really are now as much a symbol of the start of Christmas as mince pies!

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LARGE MARBLED Poinsettia - Essential Christmas Plants
Lovely Pearl Blush Princettia - Large Poinsettia Plant
Lovely Pink Princettia Poinsettia Plant
Luxurious 'You are my Christmas Star' Extra Large Poinsettia Plant
PINK Poinsettia - The Essential Christmas Plant in Pink!
Poinsettia -  'Red Glitter' in White Pot
Poinsettia Red Tapestry - Rare variegated Poinsettia
Pretty Pink Princettia - Poinsettia Plant
RED Poinsettia - Christmas Mouse
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White Cover Pot for Poinsettia Plants (14.5cm diametre pot)
White Poinsettia - The Essential Christmas Plant - In White!
Winter Rose Poinsettia Plants in GOLD Ceramic Pots - Pack of FIVE
Winter Rose Poinsettia Plants in RED Ceramic Pots - Pack of FIVE