RED Poinsettia - The Essential Christmas Plant

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High Quality Red Poinsettia Plant - Perfect for Christmas.


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Poinsettias are the essential Christmas Plant - you see them everywhere, and they have become as much a part of the traditional Christmas the turkey and the tree!

The brightly coloured bracts are often mistakenly thought to be flowers, which are in fact the small insignificant yellow buds in the centre. Keep the compost just moist and place in a brightly lit room to ensure the brightest bract colour.


Supplied as a bushy colourful plant as pictured (see the quality of our actual Poinsettia stock plants waiting for dispatch in image 3), for display, why not grab the white cover pot too, or perhaps colour match with our red cover pot - simply position and enjoy! Remember Poinsettias also make a fantastic gift for family and friends over the festive period too!


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SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 7.97 today just 3.97 - Save £4!


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How to take care of a Poinsettia Plant

Poinsettias need warmth and bright light, but it is important to keep them away from draughts – be it from fireplaces, doorways or open windows. A regular blast of cold air in a hallway isn’t going to do them any favours either. So locate your plant in a draught free area. A bright windowsill is ideal, as these are at their best during the winter months, when the sun isn’t so strong, there is no need to worry about leaves burning on a south facing bright aspect as you might at other times of the year.  

Temperature wise, the ideal is between 15 and 22 degrees Celsius, so that means Poinsettias are great for living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms in particular. Watering wise, you want to water little and often to avoid waterlogging, rather than sporadic deluges. They’ll be happiest if the water is at room temperature and if you have a waterbutt for rainwater from outside, that will be the best rather than straight from the tap, although not essential. Boost your plants colour and longevity by using a Poinsettia dripfeeder and you can easily enjoy your plant right in to the new year.

Our Poinsettias are carefully packaged here at the nursery and shipped to your via over night courier services so they arrive ready to display and enjoy in your home.

Poinsettias really are now as much a symbol of the start of Christmas as mince pies, and this year we're proud to be exclusively supplying UK produced plants. We've carefully chosen plants that are sustainably produced using a source of bio-mass to heat their greenhouses, plus transport miles are dramatically reduced compared to imported plants. All of this means, our plants are grown a little more slowly than European stock, so are already more acclimatised to life in the UK. Follow our care instructions and your plant will last long in to next year too. Simply keep the compost just moist and place in a brightly lit room or window to ensure the brightest bract colour. We recommend keep away from radiators and sources of direct heat, or any chilly draughts.

For extra Poinsettia care tips and advice, check out our growing guide - How to Care for a Poinsettia

The RHS also have a useful page about Poinsettia Plants here

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