Clematis florida Vienetta - Summer Flowering Clematis
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Clematis florida Vienetta - Summer Flowering Clematis

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Clematis florida var sieboldiana 'Vienetta' is a very special cultivar with large blooms that are around 12cms (4 inches) across, with pure white petals that surround a large, frilly center of black and purple that resembles a Passionflower! Appearing in their masses from early to midsummer, these blooms continue all season until the Autumn, you can expect 50 or more blooms on a single plant of Vienetta at any one time.

This Clematis is also a very good climber reaching around 1.5-2 metres (6 to 8 feet) high, making it ideal for growing in large containers or in the garden itself. Simply provide some support for it to climb and scramble over or through to enjoy it at its best.  Supplied in approx 9cm containers.