Climbing Rose - Shropshire Star

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This is a very attractive early flowering rose with deep red and bronzed foliage growth that produces shapely copper-orange semi double flowers with a golden centre, combined with a good fragrance. Shropshire Star will bloom abundantly and rapidly repeats flushes through the season, combined with being highly disease resistant with the attractive dark green glossy foliage and you have a real winner on your hands - not wonder it was awarded the prestigious Gold Standard Award for superb health, performance and abundant flowering in independent trials. Supplied in approx 5 litre containers.

Roses, if purchased during the Winter will often be freshly potted, with the compost falling away from the roots when you come to plant. This is quite normal, as Roses will be dormant during the coldest months of the year and do not produce new roots until the warm weather of Spring. If you wish, you may keep potted Roses in the pots until the weather is warmer before you plant out, they should be kept outdoors and kept watered during this time, we do however recommend getting them planted out as soon as possible after receipt. We cut back and prune all of our Roses in line with good horticultural practice, so there will be no pruning for you to worry about after planting or during the first season, apart perhaps other than snipping off any tips that may die back before Spring. Annual pruning can commence during late winter, the year after planting.