Colchicum autumnale - Autumn Crocus
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Colchicum autumnale - Autumn Crocus

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Incredibly popular plants thanks to their gorgeous, goblet-shaped, pink-purple flowers that appear in September and October from chunky underground bulbs.

Another of the common names of Colchicum is Bare Naked Ladies, this results from its unusual growth cycle where the flowers appear in the autumn with no leaves around them and the leaves and seeds appear in the spring and die off in the summer.

These autumn-flowering bulbous plants are perfect for naturalising in grass or under the canopy of a specimen tree or deciduous shrubs for example. Supplied freshly potted in approx 1 litre containers, in season they'll usually be in bud and bloom, but this can not be guaranteed, as they may well have already blossomed.


Please note that this is a poisonous plant, and not recommended where children may come in to contact with it and accidentally ingest any part.