Ornamental Brassica Cabbage Selection - Pack of THREE Plants

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These ornamental cabbage plants look great right now, right through to Spring.

Their vibrant colours and architectural shapes really do lift the spirits in the duller months, and actually intensify the colder the weather becomes.

Great for planters on the patio or in beds around the garden. Planted en-mass for a bold splash of colour, they make excellent ground cover and will look just as good right through to spring as they do now, dealing with whatever the winter throws at them. If you get board of them, because they're cabbages, you can also eat them too.

Selection pack includes pinks, purples, reds, creams & whites, selected at random at packing time to provide a great mix and make a lovely show in your garden.

Pack of three chunky colourful plants in approx. 1 litre containers.