Colourful Garden Mum Chrysanthemums - Lucky Dip!

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These colourful Garden Mum Chrysanthemums form attractive balls of colour and are ideal for providing a vibrant burst of extra flower power in to the Autumn.


Delivered studded with jewel like flowers and buds over each and every plant, these will create glowing balls of colour where ever they are planted.


Perfect for beds and borders or patio planters, these will be shining beacons of light and are ideal for a display if you forgot to plant summer flowers or simply want An injection of brightness for the autumn garden.


What's more, they are a hardy herbaceous shrubby perennial, so can be kept over winter to grow back for next year too.


Very easy to care for, these plants are currently growing in approx. 10.5cm/1 litre containers and are delivered studded with flowers and buds in season. Can also be kept indoors as a colourful pot plant.


Plant supplied in approx. 10.5cm/1 litre pots in bud and bloom, we have a variety of different shades, so this will be a lucky dip when it comes to which gorgeous colours you'll get.