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BULK PACK: Compost King - Decorative Chipped Bark - 10 x 50 Litre Bags

Product ref: GM24821

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A bulk deal on Compost King Decorative Chipped Bark is perfect when you have largerr areas to cover with mulch.

Being a natural, organic and sustainable bi-product of the timber industry, it's aimed at improving the health and vitality of your plants and flowers whist also adding an overall attractiveness to your garden. It is perfect for all manner of uses from mulching beds and borders to creating informal paths.

Improves moisture retention helping plants to thrive during dry spells.

Over time, bark improves the soil by adding natural organic matter.

Provides insulation against extreme temperatures by protecting plant roots from frost in    Winter and excessive heat in Summer.

Safe for use in beds, containers, and walkways.

Lasts up to 2-3 years.

Supplied as TEN conveniently sized 50 litre bags.

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Simply shake on to the ground, rake in, water and watch them grow!