Corylus Avellana - Hazel - Bare Root Hedging 60-80cm - Pack of 12

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Improve your garden with the Corylus Avellana, known as Hazel, a 12-bare root hedging plant pack from us. Great to add to good aesthetic appeal yet serving very practically as a natural and attractive boundary line, these 60-80cm saplings are ideal. Its greatest use is as an ornamental, catkin-producing, late winter to early spring flower that adds early colour to the landscape in colours ranging from yellow to reddish-brown. Hazel has an easy and tolerant nature; it can withstand all sorts of soils and conditions, ranging from full sun to partial shade.

Plant Hazel hedging in well-drained soil, spaced out for them to grow without any restriction. You can trim and shape to your desired shape using sharp shears to cut. Regular watering should be done during the first growing season to help the plant establish a firm root system. Prune in late winter to ensure healthy and dense foliage, to maintain the shape and size of the one you prefer as a gardener. This method is low-maintenance, helping ensure the vibrancy and strength of your hedging year after year.

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