Cotoneaster franchetii - Evergreen Shrub

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Cotoneaster franchetii has lovely sage green leaves with a white underside and carries attractive white flowers tinted with pink in May and June. Flowering is followed by a huge abundance of deep orange-red berries, held amongst the foliage like glistening gems, they are the size of a small pea, and much loved by garden birds when they ripen in Autumn. Extremely hardy, and easy to grow, this Cotoneaster will tolerate virtually all soils but those that are water logged, it will also be happy in pretty much any aspect.

To keep the plants tidy, give a trim after the show of berries disappears. Although an evergreen, some leaves do drop in Autumn and it often takes on the tone of Autumn in its foliage too.

Supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers.

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