Crataegus Monogyna - Hawthorn - Bare Root Hedging 60-80cm - Pack of 12

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Showcasing the timeless beauty and strong nature of the Crataegus monogyna, better known as the Hawthorn, our bare root hedging comes in a pack of 12, with each plant sized at a generous 60-80cm. An integral part of the British countryside, hawthorn has an added value for its dense foliage but rather for the spring show of white, fragrant flowers followed, in good time, by bright red berries in autumn. They make up important refuges and food sources for the great number of wildlife, apart from giving the country its visual appeal.


The hawthorn has shown that it can take a range of soil types and prefers full sun to part shade conditions. Strongly hardy and very fast in growth, it is perfect for an instant privacy and windscreen hedge. They give good service to most species when established and can tolerate severe pruning, which allows for many shapes of the hedge. To make sure that your hawthorn hedging gets off to the very best possible start, planting in well-drained soil, and watering thoroughly during the first growing season, paying time and attention to developing a strong root system.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 19.99, today just 6.99 - Save £13!

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