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Crocus Specie Advance - Pack of 12 Bulbs

Product ref: BR801024

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Crocus Advance: The Garden's Early-Bird Delight!

Step into a world where spring beckons early with the Crocus Advance! A tapestry of light yellow petals brushed with soft lavender undertones, this crocus is like the morning's first light – gentle, fresh, and invigorating.

Gardener's Dream, Nature's Gem: Born for the British outdoors, the Crocus Advance thrives effortlessly in our diverse climate. Whether you have the greenest thumb or are just venturing into gardening, this bloom promises to flourish with minimal care and maximum charm.

Floral Friendships: Elevate your garden's allure by pairing the Crocus Advance with vibrant pansies, graceful hellebores, or the ever-beloved snowdrops. Together, they create a cascade of early spring hues, bringing depth and drama to your outdoor sanctuary.

Invest in Blooming Brilliance: At its heart, the Crocus Advance offers more than just beauty. It's a promise of recurrent garden magic, year after year. Crafted from the choicest bulbs, it ensures consistent blooms, making it a true testament to quality meeting value.

Become the Garden Trendsetter: As the Crocus Advance graces your space, watch your garden ascend to newfound popularity in the online world. Its sheer elegance will have fellow garden enthusiasts buzzing with admiration and inspiration.

Pack of 12 Crocus bulbs.

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