Crocus species mixed - Pack of 60

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Shades of purple, lilac-blue, striped, orange, yellow and white, many with other coloured markings make up this lush mix of goblet-shaped flowers that are one of the earliest bulbs to bloom each Spring. They generally appear in March and April above slender, strap-shaped leaves, with the bulbs best planted before the icy cold weather of January sets in - they do very well naturalised in lawns, in beds and borders under shrubs, or in seasonal patio planters.


These vigorous crocuses are perfect for naturalising in the lawn or allowing to meander through the front of a sunny, well-drained border. To achieve a naturalistic effect plant them in large drifts. Crocus are an excellent choice in woodland gardens or if you have a try you'd like to add a splash of colour under early in the year.


Pack of 60 top size, super quality crocus corms (bulbs) supplied ready to plant and bloom in Spring.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 19.95, today just 9.95 - Save £10!