Daphne x transatlantica Eternal Fragrance - Fragrant Evergreen Daphne
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Daphne x transatlantica Eternal Fragrance - Fragrant Evergreen Daphne

Product ref: S3C004

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This recently introduced Daphne Eternal fragrance, grown here on our very own nurseries in the UK, has already made it onto our must have list of special plants that we highly recommend. Providing an unbeatable show of flowers, this beautiful evergreen shrub is rarely out of bloom from Spring through to Autumn, making it a truly unbeatable addition to any garden.

Eternal Fragrance is unusual in that unlike other Daphne, this tough evergreen flowers on new growth so it simply does not stop producing its intensely fragrant blooms - they just keep on coming. The growth of the plants is neat and compact, to really appreciate this evergreen we recommend planting near a pathway or patio planter, where you will pass frequently and really enjoy the delicious fragrance. It really is an amazing little beauty, the white flowers, pink in bud, are just produced in such abundance that they almost smother the plant. If you are buying just one new plant for your garden at the moment, we highly recommend this, get one in close to a doorway, where you will fully appreciate the fabulous heady fragrance as you pass!

Supplied growing in approx 1.5-2 litre containers, high quality, bushy and covered in buds and fragrant flowers in season. All our plants are of fantastic quality, and are of course covered by our 5 year growth guarantee as standard.