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Compost King - Acid Lovers Compost for Ericaceous Plants - 20 Litre Bag

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Compost King Professional Grade Composts are specially produced and formulated from entirely natural ingredients to maximise plant health and development.

This peat reduced mix is produced from the finest quality ingredients to provide a Professional Grade Compost mix that is perfect for those Plants that prefer a lower pH - the Acid Lovers - also known as Ericaceous - such well known examples include Heathers, Pieris, Rhododendrons, Camellias and Blueberries. This compost should be used when planting out beds in the garden with these varieties of plants or for your planters and containers when you grow them in tubs.

Like all Compost King composts, this blend contains all the trace elements and nutrients required to encourage strong root development and strong vibrant plant growth.

This premium quality mix also includes a full growing seasons worth of slow release plant feed, although it is of course always possible to provide additional liquid feed to your plants through the growing season to really supercharge their growth, you'll see plants grown with Compost King composts are already supercharged thanks to the special formulas.

All Compost King recipes are closely guarded and have been specifically developed to ensure your compost is the best you can buy for your valuable plants - with our special additions of extra plant nutrients, your plants will be supercharged. We believe you cannot buy a better compost, tried against the rest, you will soon see the difference.

Supplied in conveniently sized 20 litre bags.

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