Daphne x transatlantica variegata - Eternal Fragrance variegated - Summer Ice Daphne - Evergreen

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A variegated sister of the popular Eternal Fragrance Daphne, Summer Ice covered itself in a continuous fragrant flush of blushed-pink creamy-white blooms that complement ivory-white edged foliage wonderfully, right through from the Spring to Autumn.

This Daphne is perfect to plant near a path or patio to enjoy that perfume. It is easy to grow, with a naturally dense bush habit holding it's foliage year round in all but the coldest conditions, where it will then re-leaf and bloom in Spring if it does take a nap for winter. 

Supplied growing in approx 1.5 litre containers, high quality, bushy and covered in buds and fragrant flowers in season.