Nandina domestica Firepower - Sacred or Heavenly Bamboo Plant

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This dwarf form of heavenly bamboo is perfect where border space is limited. In summer clusters of small star-shaped white flowers appear, above the bamboo-like leaves, in autumn, these turn a fabulous shade of red.

As the temperatures drop the foliage colour of the heavenly bamboo will intensify from a combination of brilliant yellow, orange and reddish leaves to deep claret. Tolerant of semi-shade and drought once established it can reach up to 100cm (3ft) in total over time. 

Retained all winter this foliage will be a real highlight to the garden when most other plants are out of leaf.

Nandina will perform best in a bright sunny spot, it will also look great in seasonal planters combined with other evergreens such as Carex Evergold providing a great contrast in terms of both colour and texture. With Fire Power, not only do you get the autumn foliage colour, long-lasting red fruits are also produced that add further interest to the garden in winter. 

Supplied in approx 2-3 Litre containers.


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