Delosperma congestum White Nugget

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Pure white daisy-like flowers on sturdy groundcover, Delosperma congestum 'White Nugget', sometimes called White Nugget Ice Plant, create a cheery and tidy appearance. The radiant yellow centres of the stark white blooms, which bloom from early to mid-summer, create a cheery contrast with the lush green foliage. This perennial looks especially good when used as a stunning border along footpaths, alpine beds, or rock gardens, where its dense mat-forming growth habit can be brilliantly showcased. 'White Nugget' is a great option for full sun settings because it can withstand dryness and grows well in well-drained soil. Once established, it doesn't need much watering, so gardeners trying to cut back on their water use can consider it a low-maintenance alternative.


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