Dodecatheon 'Red Light' - Alpine Shooting Star

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Called also the Alpine Shooting Star, Dodecatheon 'Red Light' is a stunning perennial that captivates with its unusually upward-pointing deep red blossoms. This type adds a pop of colour when it blooms in late spring, when many spring bulbs are starting to fade. The flowers are a striking feature in any woodland garden or shady border, resembling tiny, inverted umbrellas. It usually reaches a height of 30 cm and likes somewhat shaded, wet, well-drained soil.

In a shaded garden retreat, Alpine Shooting Star works well as an underplant for bigger shrubs or paired with hostas and ferns. It is important to continuously moisten the soil, especially when the weather is dry. This plant is ideal for giving cooler, shady locations a captivating flower show.