Dryopteris wallichiana Jurassic Gold - Golden Wood Fern

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For that shady spot that may be tricky to fill this wood Fern is the perfect foliage plant to soften a patch of ground with its attractive gentle foliage.

A beautiful new variety, 'Jurassic Gold' is sure to become a garden favourite with its rose-tinted new growth that turns gold and then green as it ages.

The fronds are upright and add a real shot of brightness to a shady or semi-shady spot. 

As an added feature blackish brown spores form up the stems and mid-ribs of the lance shaped leaves. These ferns are tough in nature, growing in all soil types apart from ones that water-log, to help prevent this dig in plenty of organic matter when planting.

Water well in the first season to help them establish and if the winter remains mild, they will retain their leaves, if the climate is very cold, they will die back and reappear in the spring.

Supplied in approx. 2-3 litre containers.

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