Dwarf Hungarian Lilac - Syringa josikaea - Scented flowering Lilac

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Blooming in early summer, and often for a second time in early autumn, this superb Dwarf lilac shrub is a lovely plant, allowing you to enjoy the bright lavender-pink fragrant flowers that are spread over the entire canopy over a couple of seasons.

The exquisite perfume produced by this pretty lilac when in flower makes it worth growing alone - your Lilac will not only catch the eye, but also the nose!

Foliage is compact, meaning this small is very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of garden situations, as a foundation plant formally in beds and borders, in pretty planters or perhaps try it on its own in a stylish courtyard container on a terrace or balcony.

Supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers, such a beautiful shrub as this is deserving of prime postion when in full bloom.

This Dwarf Lilac is a real gem that you should be growing not only for its beautiful flowers, but also the magnificent fragrance.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 24.99, today just 14.99 - Save £10!

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