Dypsis Areca Parlour Palm - Perfect Palm for indoors

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This Palm is a great indoor plant, quite well known in the UK and tolerant of low light levels, it requires little specialist care.
Why not add an air of the exotic to a room in your home?
Indoor Palms have several benefits if you can not provide bright light for house plants, as not only are they very tough, but they're great for dark corners. They don't want to be in direct sun, so bright indirect light to dim shade is fine for this indoor palm to succeed.
If you have a cool room, and worried it may be a little chilly, this palm is also ideal, as it will not mind that one bit. For best results with this palm, feed regularly in the growing season, and water regularly, cutting down watering over the winter period, they do need the occasional misting too.
Lovely, high quality leafy plant are supplied at a total height of around 40-50cm.

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