Fantastic Fern Plant Collection - FIVE Different Ferns in Assorted varieties

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This Fabulous Fern Collection consists of 5 choice varieties, each individually selected to create a perfect combination of form, colour and texture. Ferns are great for planting in the garden on their own, or as a group to show off the contrasting foliage. They look superb near water features and ponds, as a special centre piece group on their own, or even used in patio planters. If you have a problem shady spot, ferns are also one of the best choices, as they positively thrive in dappled shade. Try them dotted amongst other shade lovers such as Hostas to broaden the appeal.

This special collection will be selected from a range of different varieties - one plant of each in five different, contrasting varieties, selected by us. Great for planting together in a group as a special feature in your garden. 

This is an extremely classy selection of easy to grow, decorative ferns that give exciting contrast in foliage, form and colour. Suitable for any moist soil, in sun or partial shade, where they are sure to glisten like jewels. Many ferns thrive in the lower light levels of a wooded area, and add architectural interest planted in bold swathes or scattered through other plantings. Flowering plants may not thrive in darker and comparatively gloomy situations, but ferns may be cultivated with success in these situations. Each plant is supplied in an approx 2-3 litre container. An outstanding value way of adding ferns to your garden.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 39.99, today just 29.99 - Save £10!


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