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Gardening Express Fern Collection - FIVE Fabulous Contrasting Varieties
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Gardening Express Fern Collection - FIVE Fabulous Contrasting Varieties

Product ref: E76422

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This Fabulous Fern Collection consists of 5 choice varieties, each individually selected to create a perfect combination of form, colour and texture. Ferns are great for planting in the garden on their own, or as a group to show off the contrasting foliage. They look superb near water features and ponds, as a special centre piece group on their own, or even used in patio planters. If you have a problem shady spot, ferns are also one of the best choices, as they positively thrive in dappled shade. Try them dotted amongst other shade lovers such as Hostas to broaden the appeal.

This special collection will be selected from a range of different varieties, such as:

Dryopteris filis mas - Male Fern

This large, deciduous fern has feathery, mid-green fronds which form a distinctive shuttlecock shape. An excellent companion for shade-loving woodland plants, it's perfect for a partially shady, moist, humus-rich border sheltered from strong winds.

Athyrium nipponicum pictum - Japanese Painted Fern

One of the most colourful ferns for the garden, the Japanese Painted Fern has silvery-grey fronds which are dusty purple towards the center. They are set off by the purplish-red veins and stems. This fern has a low and mounding habit, slowly spreading by rhizomes to form dense colonies. The fronds are positioned in a way that creates a horizontal layering effect much like you see in Dogwood trees. Athyrium 'Pictum' grows best in moist soil in light to partial shade. Some sunlight is necessary to produce the vibrant colouring.

Osmunda regalis - Regal Fern

Upright bright green fronds gradually unfurling then turning bronze in autumn. This deciduous regal fern is perfect for the moist margins of a pond or stream in sun or partial shade. Best planted in fertile, humus-rich, acid soil, the lacy-textured foliage contrasts well with plants like rodgersia and skunk cabbage with large, coarse-textured leaves.

Matteuccia struthiopteris - Shuttle Cock/Ostrich Fern

The shuttlecock fern is one of the easiest to identify, its fronds making a large, striking and unmistakable shape. Although happy in shady, humus-rich borders among other plants, it looks best grown in groups on its own in dappled shade, in woodland, rich damp grass or in a shady pond margin. The plant spreads slowly by underground rhizomes and, in time, builds up large groups on its own. The offsets can be dug up and moved in spring, but plants look best left to form colonies. The Royal Horticultural Society has given it its prestigious Award of Garden Merit.

Chromium falcate - Holly Fern

The Japanese Holly Fern has dark green, glossy, pinnate fronds and does not really look like a fern at all. Highly suitable for dry shade. Evergreen, easy to grow, and exotic in appearance. Supplied in approx. 2 litre containers.

This extremely classy selection of easy to grow, decorative ferns that give exciting contrast in foliage, form and colour. Suitable for any moist soil, in sun or partial shade, where they are sure to glisten like jewels. Many ferns thrive in the lower light levels of a wooded area, and add architectural interest planted in bold swathes or scattered through other plantings. Flowering plants may not thrive in darker and comparatively gloomy situations, but ferns may be cultivated with success in these situations. Each plant is supplied in an approx 1 litre container - for these special varieties, this represents and an outstanding value way of adding ferns to your garden.