Echinacea Mooodz Awake

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The delightful pink-orange flowers bloom throughout the summer, attracting bees to your garden and create a delightful display above the compact foliage.

The Moodz are a brilliant new series of Echinacea with a more compact habit than traditional Echinacea Cone Flowers which creates beautiful rounded mounds of flowers from early summer through to the first frosts. Perfect for adding a bright splash of colour to your summer and autumn gardening and invite busy bees to your garden too!

Echinacea 'Moodz Awake' has unique, very large blooms upto 10cms across with a gigantic cone which looks like half an apple, the petals are an unusual salmon-pink to tangerine orange in colour. They are well known for large, daisy-like flowers. It is a bold, sturdy perennial sporting flowers with a large cone-shaped center, hence its common name of Coneflower. A long flowering perennial with blooms that can continue for over a good two to three months, they last well as cut flowers too.

Echinaceas have grown in popularity in recent years, thanks to the trend for prairie-style planting. They’re easy to grow as they tolerate most soils, and their sturdy nature means that staking is unnecessary. Coneflowers are maintenance-free perennials blooming from early or mid summer until Autumn. They come out on sturdy stems that do not break in wind or heavy rain. The flowers also attract butterflies and bumble bees. 

Supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers.