Echinacea Sun Seekers Salmon - 'Flamingo Feathers' Cone Flower

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This dazzling new coneflower is a breakthrough in breeding work and opens up yet another colour in echinaceas. This is a stunning plant in flower that is sure to stand out in the garden. SunSeekers Salmon has everything you could wish for, including reliable tolerance to hot, dry conditions in summer and an easy, carefree nature and tolerance to freezing temperatures in winter.

The dense, vigorous plants flourish in full sun, bearing plenty of classic coneflower blooms - except these aren't in the usual purple, but in rich shades of salmon pink with soft creamy yellow accents - a real eye-catcher that will be admired by all - we think the petals look rather like flamingo feathers. No wonder it picked up awards as soon as it was introduced to the horticultural trade. Supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers.