SPECIAL DEAL - Epipremnum aureum - Devil's Ivy - Golden Pothos on a Moss Pole

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An easy to maintain and attractive climber, Epipremnum aureum is a highly popular houseplant with beautiful trailing foliage. Glossy heart shaped leaves emerge green and gradually become variegated with yellow as they age. It is commonly known as Devil’s Ivy because it is almost impossible to kill and will remain green even when placed in the dark. It can grow up to 4 metres if placed outside and will form a dense display perfect as a screen growing up a trellis, wall, or fence. Whilst this is the perfect houseplant it is equally gorgeous in patio planting or in a mixed border scheme. 

This climber thrives in bright conditions and requires either full sun or partial shade. An unfussy plant it can establish in any soil type as long as it is moist but well-drained and it should be sheltered from cold winds.  

Supplied in approx. 2-3 litre containers. 

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 34.99, today just 29.99 - Save £5!

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