Erysimum Bowles Mauve - Perennial Wallflower - Pack of THREE

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A very reliable and favourite garden plant, this perennial wallflower is evergreen and vigorous and produces neat tidy plants that are covered in flowers over a long period. Purple-Mauve blooms appear in long spires that are carried from late winter to summer, often lasting until the first frosts of winter. These are carried above attractive silvery-grey-green mounds of foliage. It will thrive in a sunny garden border, or even a large patio planter.

Try it combined with brightly coloured yellow and orange flowers for a contrast, or blend with blues and whites for a cooler display. For flowers up to 9 months every year in mild weather, this is a great value plant for any garden.

Supplied in approx. 2 litre containers. Pack of THREE Plants, subject to our crops and time of the year, these will often be in bud and bloom on delivery.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 27.97, today just 17.97 - Save £10!

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