Eucalyptus cinerea Silver Dollar - Silver-Blue Gum Tree

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This aromatic Silver Dollar Eucalyptus has a wonderful etheral look to the leaves with gorgeous silvery-blue azure tints - it will create a distinctive and impressive shrub or if allowed to grow taller a full sized tree.

Eucalyptus cinerea is both cold resistent in winter, drought tolerant once established and can take the high heat conditions in summer.  It will stay compact in small spaces and can be pruned and shaped as you like, or where space allows, leave to it's own devices and if will form an impressive tree over time.

The attractive foliage produces a scented oil that gives the tree its lovely fragrance, this also repels annoying summer insects such as mosquitos, so it could be a good choice for growing in patio planters near a seating area perhaps. Once established, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus will also produce pretty white flowers and display attractive bark too, as well of course as the distinctive foliage.

As an added bonus, try a few trimmings from this in your indoor floral arrangements or for a seasonal wreath - not only does it look great, but it will add a fresh clean scent to your home too. Silver Dollar is a florists delight in this regard and it is grown commercially for the valuable stems of foliage for the cut flower trade. 

Supplied in approx. 2-3 litre containers.