Euonymus Europeaus - Spindle - Bare Root Hedging 60-80cm - Pack of 12

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A great way to bring a splash of vibrant colour to your garden: known as spindle, Euonymus europaeus produces glorious berries. 12-pack, bare root hedging plants, 60-80cm. Spindle is a native British shrub and is very famous for its pretty fall display, with its vivid pink fruits and the glowing leaves that turn a fiery red or pink before falling. This deciduous shrub adds not only dramatic colour contrast in autumn but also provides invaluable food for birds and other wildlife.

It thrives in a wide variety of soil types, so the spindle is ideal for those gardeners who are making mixed wildlife hedges or standalone features in sunny or partially shaded places. Hardy species show moderate growth and excellent structure and interest in the garden throughout the year. Best planted in well-drained soil, keeping soil slightly moist, and watering freely during the first growing season to establish a deep, healthy root system.

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