Euphorbia Miners Merlot

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Euphorbia Miners Merlot is perfect for adding interest to garden borders and seasonal planters alike, this hardy perennial ‘Miners Merlot’ plant will transform any position in which it it planted, looking fabulous throughout the seasons.


Providing a veritable explosion of colour, it features upright stems with dark foliage that turns into a deep burgundy shade in spring. Bright acid-yellow flowers follow to provide a real contrast to the foliage as summer arrives.


Euphorbia Miners Merlot is one of the easiest perennial plants to grow, you can expect it to reach around 60cms tall and form a neat clump around 80cms wide in time. Once established it is drought resistant too. Plant in an area that receives full sun or partial shade, in well-draining soil to get the best performance out of this Euphorbia over many years.


Supplied in approx 3 litre containers.


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