Fagus Sylvatica - Beech - Bare Root Hedging 100-125cm - Pack of 12

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Take your garden to the next level with a timeless elegance: Fagus sylvatica, commonly referred to as Beech in our 12-pack of bare root hedging plants—all an impressive 100-125cm. The beech is of good value for its rich, green foliage, turning to wonderful copper in the fall and hanging onto the leaves throughout the winter for persistent and seamless screening. This makes Beech an excellent choice for a hedge that combines aesthetic appeal with practical function.

Adaptable to a variety of soil types, this shrub prefers well-drained conditions and will be found in areas of full sun to partial shade. It will readily form a dense, leafy hedge for those interested in helping to define borders, increase privacy, or add a touch of class to their outdoor space. To ensure your Beech hedging plants establish well, plant in fertile, well-drained soil, water well at planting time, and soak thoroughly during the first growing season to establish a good deep root system.