Fagus sylvatica Midnight Feather - Large Specimen circa 180-220cms

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The Beech tree is one of the kings of our landscapes and has been for thousands of years, it is written into British folk law and its majestic shape can be seen in woodlands across the country. These days many beautiful varieties of this tree have come on to the market and one of the best is the superb 'Midnight Feather'. Its upright habit, almost column like in its younger years is set off by the traditional grey trunk. This trunk sets off the trees main feature, the striking red leaves that are born in the spring when it awakes from its deciduous slumber, this foliage then turns a deep purple as the season progresses, getting darker and almost seeming black. A burst of Autumnal colour is followed by the leaves becoming brown and crisp and remaining on the plant, protecting the buds from the cold weather until the following spring. This tree will grow quite quickly at first before slowing down, eventually reaching a height of twelve metres and a spread of between four and eight metres if left unpruned.

This beautiful Beech is a hardy soul, with standing temperatures that go down to minus twenty, it will takes all garden aspects but may struggle a bit if growing in a north facing position. It tolerates all soils, including chalk but will bulk at poorly draining ground. It has the added bonus of being able to grow in both shady and sunny settings and requires little or no pruning, save to size and shape if you wish to keep it contained.

When planting your tree inspect your soil conditions first, if the soil is heavy clay add plenty of compost before planting. Stake your tree with a low stake if conditions are windy and apply a generous organic mulch each spring around your trees base. Remember always the golden rule of tree planting give them plenty of water in the first season. This tree is perfect to be used as a focal point, give it pride of place in a border, set off by lower, surrounding plants, at the end of a vista or set into a lawn would also make a great setting for this specimen tree, the dark foliage set off by the green of the grass or the blue of the sky will be stunning. Supplied in approx 15 litre containers ar around 180-220cms tall.

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